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Computing has come a long way since DOS 6.2, running Windows 3.1 on it.  I remember those days and I’m glad they are just that “a memory”.  Hardware and software have greatly improved for the most part and the things we use to fight with are long gone. But even with today’s improvements, we still have other problems that crop up from time to time and general maintenance can for many of us seem daunting.  Even with the speed and reliability of the newer operating systems of today, they can get infected from many sources and hardware can and does fail.  Since 2000, Basic Computers has been offering support for small offices as well as many families at home with their computer repairs and upgrades in the Spokane Valley, Post Falls and CDA area.  All customers are treated like family and friends.  A personal computer is just that “it’s personal” and you are treated with the respect you deserve whether for business needs or you just want one to play solitaire, stay in touch with Facebook friends and do a little web surfing or just check your email from time to time.  Maybe your adding a new “all in one” printer scanner or you need help with adding computers to a home or business network, don’t waste a lot of your time fighting with it, just give us a call and let’s schedule a time that works best for you. Private instruction is also available by appointment so you can learn only what you need to learn in order to get the most out of your computer. If your looking for a website for your business, please click on our web design link and have a look at what we’ve done for others.  Annual maintenance to keep it up and running as well as staying current with your information is kept at a very low cost.